Saturday, July 15, 2006

Peace Activists with a Blindspot

tyranny is tyranny is tyranny

while to a certain extent, the "enemy of my enemy is my friend"
thinking, drives a great deal of "real politik" posturing. But...

Thoughtful people must carefully examine positions, and should
understand the nuance of espousing positions in complex multilateral,
multinational, or transnational conflicts.

I suspect that since (Peace Activists) many find the Israeli treatment
of their neighbors, with walls and gates and humiliation regrettable
they are far too quick to assume that any opposition to Israel is constructive
and should be supported.

That I'm afraid, is an ill considered and unsophisticated position.

Likewise many, who are concerned about the mistreatment of Palestinians,
maybe too forgiving of lawless attacks on Israelis. As many who are concerned
about the cultural and political stability of Israel are often quick to
excuse Israeli excesses.

True PEACE ACTIVISTS are concerned about all violence and all brutality
against... "humanity" and cannot honestly be blind, when even "monsters" are mistreated.
Whether soldiers of tyranny A or tyranny B...

Finally whether a prisoner is tortured by the Egyptians for Egyptian politician purposes, by the Egyptians for American purposes, by American soldiers for American purposes or by Iraqis for any purpose, you are still the victim of torture.

Oh, if only the moneies going toward arming the region, were going to developing the farming, infrastructure and water resources rather than EXPLOSIONS and Bullets there might be far more wealth for the people of that region to share.

solidarity & peace