Sunday, August 21, 2011



Just a few quick thoughts. I know of no-progressive, NO former Obama enthusiast
who views the White House leadership, with it's Geitners, It's Summers, its Rahm Emanuels, it's Eric Holders or the new chief of staff - GE's Job-Out Sourcer extrodinaire. Or anyone of the other WALL STREET OLIGARCHs who've been placed in key spots in the Administration as the sole problem facing this country.

To pretend even for a moment, that ANYONE on the left blames OBAMA more than either the standard corporatists of the Grand Ol Party, or the Religio-Fascists of the Republican Party or the latest phenom the KOCH-funded ASTRO-turfers of the KNOW-NOTHING Branch of the Idiocracy (t-party) is just foolishness and the same sort of BLAME the progressive first-ers that we expect from anyone carrying water for the SELL-OUT Obama Administration.

What I have heard was while there is nothing wrong with consensus building, and there is nothing wrong with bridge building its just that this administration has dragged it's agenda backwards to it's own two yard line and then... then began accommodating from there!

NO Bully-pulpit from the guy who said, let's close Guantanamo, no Bully-pulpit from the guy who pledged an end to BUSH ERA spying and grilling whistle-blowers, no agenda for even middle of the road democratic principles. The use of the word ENTITLEMENTS by corporatists and war-industry oligarchs in limousines would be laughable except, "OUR" team leader seems not only to agree but to see galloping-concessions as leadership.

Don't pretend that an alert agenda oriented voter is betraying "our" side. Yes he promised more war in Afghanistan, and anyone expecting less was fooling themselves. Don't kid yourself, and don't bully the progressives with the NONSENSE, that by reminding President Obama about the agenda he said he was bringing and it's ABSOLUTE ABSENCE we betray him.

It's his actions, his appointments, his ACTUAL AGENDA... as the betrayal. YES the Tea Party and the Republicans are the enemy of working people everywhere. That's not news. And if your surprised, that's your problem. But let me say this once more.

THE ABSENCE of the AGENDA that he and his team, told us was the PLAN - yes, we notice and WE WILL CONTINUE TO SAY SO.

To pretend that President Obama's betrayal of women, the poor, the elderly, the environment has made CONSERVATIVE OLIGARCHS UPSET. Is simply wrong. Equating our criticism with betrayal of democrats, is just blind defeatism itself.

SEE YOU ON THE PROTEST LINE CARL, unlike the guy who said, he'd march with UNIONS when they were threatened. You figure he didn't heard about Wisconsin?

solidarity & peace
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