Thursday, August 18, 2011

RE WHO-WHAT-WHY Story on the Fable of the Bin Ladin Raid

Russell and team, thanks for picking apart some of the loose threads of this EPIC myth making exercise. Surely an exemplary exercise is PSYOPS. Containing nothing whatsoever of truth, and wrapping the tale up neatly with the "typical Muslim at Sea Burial and the timely and convenience coincidence of the elimination of so many who might have been in a position to tell-tales out of school, is just so, how's the saying go, just one more interesting "coincidence".

Are we to take seriously the report that the operation was UNPLUGGED, in an age where "intelligent" live-fire combat technology is the norm, that a mission of this sort, would have gone "OLD-SCHOOL" and low tech (except for laser sites) Why would such "real-time" technology be abandoned, especially when we are treated to "eye-candy" administration photos of all the leading lights, perched around a monitor, tracking the realtime action. Or were the poor dears, left hanging for twenty-five minutes, gee theres a version for everyone. A regular "limited hangout" enterprise.

Has Hollywood, really got it so far off the mark, from West Wing to pick one... they went dark? Since they undoubtedly had man tracking technology and they haven't shown us anything of the raid events. [While it's no doubt being coded for some future XBOX Christmas Software and needless to say, the full Star-Spangled Hollywood treatment]. Maybe not Matt Damon though.

It is repugnant to the imagination that there was no presidential involvement in the decision as to whether this was a TAKE or KILL mission. Since "modern" justice has been thoroughly gutted [Just say 9/11] its not that far-fetched that it was a simple execution warrant, "nation of laws" notwithstanding. But can we really stomach no discussion at all nationally, about whether we try enemies like Nuremberg or just summarily cancel them like a listless sitcom, where ARE we headed.

One last thread was left loose though, WWW-Team what about this latest wrinkle so oft neglected - the story just a few days old, that Pakistan let the Chinese examine the downed chopper ? No discussion of the lost machines, and the evacuated guests or can we still say "detained compound occupants all left to the friendly hands of Pakistani security?

This warrants at least one more follow up

Thank you Russell, and Who, What Why!
Richard Spisak
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