Monday, August 15, 2011

TO PARTY... or toward a better CONTRACT

We find ourselves in the paradox, that while there "ARE" two franchised "parties - 
neither serve any interests beyond their lobbyist paymasters. We must find a path to 
enable our voices and our agenda. It is my profoundest hope. That those of us, who understand something of the energy paradigm of this universe. 

Can we with our sustained and focused energy enable these unmet needs and find a place, a voice and a path, toward that expression?  PDA/MoveON/Greens / Socialists all with a glorious variety of stripes were created in a time for a need, these were fractured. 

Todays needs, todays dangers mus summon a more serious response. I say this, with full understanding that some brothers and sisters are honorably committed to trying to reorient the glacial path of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I honor them and respect their efforts One and All - I can only speak from my own true heart - Which knows this is not and cannot be the compass of where I must work. I see these terrible crimes against the Constitution and the terrible attacks on simple human rights as so extensive, so ingrained. The enabler of much of this who pretends that COMPROMISE is the HOW and the WHY of torture, of spying, of mercenaries, beyond poisoned rivers and seas, of MEGADEATH, of the destruction of cities, of schools, of millions of lives sacrificed so WAL STREET can live in an opulence that would have made an EMPEROR BLUSH. - 

I must work with all my energies to help us, break these walls, to end this murderous path. with it's casual massacre of millions.

Using ideas and energy and the truth of millions as the garden where I must join those who seek a renewal of the Social Contract with tomorrow's children.  Our steps stain the sand so briefly.
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