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  • Stephen Malagodi the ever passionate Olbermann does ask a good question that I've wondered about from the start: How can this 'super congress' be constitutional? It is a separate body comprised of a few members of each chamber whose product must be approved without amendment. It is the reconciliation process working backwards...
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  • Richard Spisak Other than Hyperbole - its nothing more than a conference committee and like Sen. Kyle (that great patriot opined) a thankless job, requiring a glutton for punishment - who will probably have to attend long meetings..... aw, poor dear, you'd of thought he was elected to serve the people. But then again, you may not have seen, his discounted price tag.
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    DOES THIS Sound Familiar?
    A privatized education, with a voucher for each child [instead of a teacher, a classroom and a public school.  [it may work for grandma too? ...and Healthcare too!]

    This way, different parents can choose where to spend, their VOUCHER - and buy merely paying "a supplemental fee"

    GET THEIR PRECIOUS, a school of CHOICE!!!

    Obviously, different payments will allow certain children to attend different quality schools. [of their choice!!!] 
    Producing vast and monumental inequalities between rich & poor children. Cause isn't that what GAWD INTENDED???

    solidarity & peace

    RIck Spisak
    News Director
    Progressive News
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