Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick which of these Obama policies do you like best -

by RWSpisak

Pretending that anyone left of Lieberman is an unrealistic airhead? 

Or extending the BUSH reduction of Habeas Corpus into a Presidential Policy that he claims the authority to not just hold people indefinitely but to be able to KILL them Extra-judicially? 

Or maybe you like an opening gambit that the Health Care Proposal which included a PUBLIC OPTION was abandoned before negotiations? 

Or lets first before the budget negotiations - UNILATERALLY cut funds for elderly heating oil? Not your favorite? 

How about when his Justice department arrests and hounds more whistle-blowers than any other President? 

Or maybe you liked when they bailed out the Bankers and Wall $treeters, who not only caused but profited from the the Housing Bubble's Collapse. They make money on both sides of the deal, and get a bail out of any costs - still take home massive BONUSes
and JACK UP THE CREDIT CARD RATES to a point that looks' like Vinny G's neighborhood.

NO CRIME ON WALL STREET - They've benefitted from the LETS LOOK FORWARD BS - that got the Cheney Crew off the hook. You figure Bradley Manning could have benefitted from a LETS LOOK FORWARD JUSTICE PLAN? 

Or maybe you like the failure to support the women who invented the Credit Monitoring Agency. 

Or maybe you prefer when they threw Van Jones, and the woman under the bus, not even waiting for the facts - when Breitbart serial video mugger drops a DVD on some conserva-twerp. 

If we don't show PARTY LEADERSHIP - that their argument "WHERE ELSE YOU GOING TO GO" doesn't get out the TROOPS 
- Go Cash a Corporate Check... 

Goldman Sachs has your number!
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