Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Perry Rubio ticket... chilling?

Mr. Latham streamlined theocracy - oooh that's scary.

WOW that's mighty strong anti-constitutional medicine if you ask me. A Perry Rubio ticket chilling? 

They are photogenic which for many Americans that is obviously enough. 

I've heard nihilistic disappointed progressive activists propose supporting a Palin ticket, because she'll quit part-way and steer so far from sanity it might wake the sleepy/hypnotized majority enough to pry them away from 'murcan idol and next week's casey-escapade. 

I'd prefer a Elizabeth Warren, Feingold ticket. No, sorry in my opinion, gridlock IS preferable to a millennialist theocracy. 
But they like Bachman - have "photo-face" which the real Constitutionalist Kucinich, seems to lack. It's a shame that honesty and statesmanship don't photograph so easily.

solidarity & peace
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