Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another INSULT for the BASE - Thank you sir, may I have another

"In-Excusable" I think that's my personal favorite. It really is a huge improvement over " F'ing Retards", and "whining" progressives. I'll just offer a couple colloquial rejoinders.

If anyone should know "inexcusable" it's you Mr. President. I will give you credit, you have delivered on one promise. ...
more war. More war in Afpak*. More war in Yemen. More War in Africa. More general mayhem.

Maybe Mr. Woodward will eventually be engaged to inform the "glass half empty types" where else he's sent the boys and girls from XE. You know the kids who work for that hero, Eric "I'm moving to where they appreciate a good torturer", Prince.

But since the Commander in Chief has pointed out that our fickle lack of support is so, inexcusable. Inexcusable is a funny word, Mr. President,
it cuts two ways.

Inexcusable like demanding the Kingly Power to summarily execute any Americans based on evidence known only to you, and unaddressable in the courts of law?

Inexcusable like, fresh demands to wiretap and monitor, any remaining crumbs of privacy on the Internet, the communication system build from "the people's taxpayer funded" research & development.

Inexcusable, like passing out lies like lollipops for the numerous outrages committed on the Gulf and it's inhabitants and neighbors.... but as you say, Mr President.... Our failure to support your policies is in a word - inexcusable. Well you should know.

* AFPAK a common name used to describe the battle theatre, extending across Afghanistan, through the western mountains of Pakistan. [There is no functioning border between these countries anyway.]

solidarity & peace
A Sky & Reef Hugger
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