Sunday, October 03, 2010

Editorial Response for More Millenialist Musings

"A freedom man understands our national existence of free men is contingent on faith in the word of God, and reformation is needed to bring us back to that word."

My thoughtful response:

I thank "providence" that the END Timers are "still" with us, like locusts they return,  crawling up from their home in the dirt to buzz a bit and then disappear only to return after a little sleep.

In my short 1/2 century I have heard at least 4 different dates of the end of the world. No-RUSH I'll wait.

Yet the historically illiterate are with us, yet. They will deny that the DE-REGULATORS we've "enjoyed" since Ronnie's wife's astrologer ran things, had an impact on the BIG-FUN ECONOMY we're enjoying now.

De-regulated AGRI-BIZ provides us with pre-poisoned food. International Pharma provides us with prescriptions that provide all sorts of extra benefits like chemical solvents and miscellaneous particles.

When we fired the union TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS and decided we could dispense with other health and safety inspectors and rules... We all began to reap the benefits of REPUBLICAN GOVERNANCE.

TAX CUTS for the Rich, Bonuses for Corporation, tax credits if you send good paying jobs overseas and the only place they like job growth is in the WAR PROFITEERING SECTORS.

Obama's made his share of mistakes, no argument but nothing like what 8 years of Nancy's Astrologer and four years of Poppy Bush and if you insist, we won't mention "W" they guy who attacked Iraq in response to a Saudi nationals attack.

Even if the Iraqi's passed on the opportunity to pay blood money to their attackers. Even if it wasn't over in a week, even if he [the unamed "W"]  decided not to include the $3 Trillion in WAR MONEY in his budget, and if that isn't more of the typical REPUBLICAN FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - I'll drink the bad water and crappy food KBR overcharges us for.

Say what you will, Obama did make an honest man of the EVER-WAR BUDGET, now if he'd get around to making an honest man of Wall Street- Tell him I'm back.
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