Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Liberman rejects Health Care Reform... Who'd have guessed?

Joe opposes HC Reform?

Asked by radio host Don Imus today what aspects of the Senate Finance Committee’s health care bill he supported, Lieberman struck a negative tone, saying, “I’m concerned that there’s a danger that we’re trying to do too much”: 

"LIEBERMAN: I’ve been saying for a couple of months now that I’m concerned, that I’m concerned that there’s a danger that we’re trying to do too much here and the president is trying to do two good things. But doing them at once in the middle of a recession may be hard to pull off. ... IMUS: Do you support the Baucus bill? LIEBERMAN: Not, not, no. I mean, not the way it is now.

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Who could imagine, Ol Joe would be standing in the wings, ready to throw a wrench into our sweet perfection of a HEALTH CARE BILL [not].

Its just good to know that our favorite arsenic delinquent, whose only a dem, when he needs a harff-arsed disguise, but if you need a democrat... don't asked him. Tell us Harry [solid as a dry Reid] Senate Dem leader, this guy is rewarded with Democratic leadership WHY???

Joe [Benedict Arnold] Liberman - why don't you just slime your way over home to the republican muckhole where your teeny tiny heart flops.

We don't need you, and besides your repulsican stench distracts, such solid DEM-PUBLICANS like Harry Reid and Bill [what did I say] Nelson who brings his own special sauce of silent absentee advocacy to the good people of FLORIDA - whether we like it or not!
Oh, do pay attention dear voter, do pay attention!

solidarity & peace
Rick Spisak
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