Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why do we protest - comments to FDL article

Why do we protest - Why did Time Magazine honor the Protestor? Whither Occupy?

All good points, and I’m in full agreement. I would like to add an important intangible that can also spring from the smallest protest. Despite the dangers of acting against the tide especially a BLOOD TIDE.
I was among the earliest protestors against both “Desert Storm ™”, and then the second even more disastrous “Shock and Awe ™” full invasion, or Act II of the MIC’s occupations in South Central Asia.
Standing with a few hearty souls along side the rush hour traffic, on US Highway 1 south of urban Miami, in a very conservative section of town we few stood nearly alone. The few furtive signs of solidarity signalled sometime from only one occupant sprinkled among the majority of Thumbs Down and Middle Finger up signal, or our favorite the “finger drawn across the throat” that we saw quite often.
These surreptitious signs of solidarity convinced us, that many of those who were morally with us, needed a public acknowledgement to comfortably express their opinion. They needed the comfort, the “space” for confirmation of their honest belief, that the war, no matter the Cheerleaders, was bloody murder at its technological peak of efficiency.
SHOCK and AWE … that we dared oppose the status quo.
See you on the Corner opposing the IRAN vendetta
solidarity & peace
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