Thursday, December 08, 2011

OCCUPY your conscience.

"The group's underlying motivation seems to be rooted in a fundamental concept that if you make a bad decision somebody else will pay for it. ... it's really OK; the taxpayer will simply foot the bill."

Odd that as you try to address the OCCUPY MOVEMENT you state the BANKSTERS position.

They (The Banksters) made bad choices, prioritized "LIAR LOANS" profited on both sides of the deal, which had nothing to do with the American Dream of home ownership, and everything to do with GREED, and gaming the system. 

They paid themselves exorbitant salaries and then when the gush of money ebbed - Got the taxpayers to "bail them out!" And yet refused to help the very taxpayers that bailed them out. They just wave from their Billion Dollar Bonus Parks.

So who's "entitlements" are you defending. When Banksters and Wall Street Traitors (or is that TRADERS?) benefit when they bet against America's Interests? When the tax incentives favor the offshoring of good paying American Jobs - who benefits there? Why do you defend those business men and women who hide their schemes and business practice behind page after page of "fine print"?

When OCCUPY insist that the robbers of Millions and Billions, get the same justice that the villains who steal hundreds and you complain? I got to say, which side are you on?

When OCCUPIERS suggest that medical care, and education should be available to all Americans and you complain 

- Is it your position that your grandmother should die, if she can't afford the thousands of dollars a month that private health insurance costs? 

Which side are you on?   {The Spirit of OCCUPY} asked this question before, and I think I know how you would answer.

OCCUPY your conscience.
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