Sunday, November 13, 2011


If you are among the people, not quite sure, why the OCCUPY MOVEMENT has taken to the public square? 

Here are a couple hints. They are trying to get the attention of their servants in government.
They refuse to die silently. They refuse to have their jobs, their lives, their homes, and the chance of an education stolen away.

They are not being heard. There were more people opposed to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars than even opposed the Viet Nam war debacle.  The response of our representatives in government the public servants? They were rolled, by the deceitful Bu$h Administration. And despite evidence to the contrary sent our military and thousands of mercenaries and billion$ of dollar$ to WAR.  

They presented a deaf ear when the public demanded PEACE. When the Bush Administration hijacked the US Treasury to bail out their pals on Wall Street and over a weekend demanded a blank check to PROTECT THE AMERICAN ECONOMY? Did our public servants act to protect the public, or did they think only of the people who pay the lobbyists decorating the halls of Congress with sheets of thousand dollar bills. They protected only the revolving door boys, they protected Wall Street. 

Did our public servants in Congress demand that there be no PROFIT$ TAKEN from our generous gift of TAX DOLLAR$ to Wall $treet? No, the cash flowed and flowed and flowed and the BONUSES GREW and GREW and GREW! 

When Professor Elizabeth Warren said, we must protect the public, we must have transparency. When she dared to suggest these bankers must pay. Congress and the president served the bankers first, and locked her out! - They locked us out too.

BIG MEDIA ignores the real issues, Our public servants in Congress ignore the real issues. The people guaranteed by our Constitution the right PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE, to DEMAND redress of Grievances are doing just that. They have gathered across the country, and across the world to say,"IT ENDS HERE!

These patriots gather because they refuse to be ignored. Unionists, Environmental Activists, Human Rights Activists, Economic Justice Activists, Small Business men and women, students and just plan folks, have gathered in the public square to DEMAND the government protect them. Not just protect the BANKS, the BIG CORPORATIONS, the BIG Insurance Companies. 

The American people's government exists to protect the interests of the people, not just the CORPORATE POWERS and the 1%ers.

Is it fair, that small businesses and families are paying their fair share of taxes, but GE pays nothing and gets a rebate? Is it fair, that companies enjoy tax incentives to steal American jobs and send them overseas. And unlike the "weak-tea" party, they left their guns at home. OCCUPY is about economic justice and FAIR PLAY for the American People.
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