Saturday, November 05, 2011

Oppose workers rights at your peril

Letter to the editor response to an article entitled
(Its the unions destroying the country not the corporations)
You have to wonder is the kind of myopia a product of poor education or willful ignorance.
Unions exist because of corporate leadership's inability to understand, that workers must be paid a living wage. Unions and the guild before them gave some bargaining power to workers and craftsman who were at the mercy of the rich and powerful.
Those who would abolish unions and other organizations which protect workers and craftsman's rights would march us into the SLAVE LABOR FACTORIES so "popular" among the oligarchs who rule big business, today.
Factories that demand 18 hour, seven day weeks dorm living (for which they are billed) [remember "I owe my soul to the company store" - Seniors may remember Ernie Ford's rendition]
Union activists achieved the 5 day work week. (You can thank the Unions for the WEEKEND) Unless you consider that an industry destroying Un-American achievement. Companies earned more and more profits. The unions said to management, those workers who make such profits and the high wages of the corporate leadership possible should share in those profits.
Retirement investment and healthcare benefits both spring from the union bargaining for fair wages and fair participation in the profits. Take home checks 270 times greater than the workers salaries is a modern development springing from Reagan's decision to betray unionized federal workers. REMEMBER Reagan the guy that traded missiles with the Iranians just after they held American Embassy workers hostage for a year. That's the guy that opened WARFARE on the American Workers Rights. And while you're thanking Ronnie and Nancy's astrologer for that particular victory for the Corporate Oligarch, don't forget to thank Ollie North, the guy that stuffed secret papers, in his secretaries drawers so they could be smuggled out of the White House. What a hero. 
Think twice before you betray workers families because they want to participate in the benefits that stem from their labors. When you defend a corporations rights to profit from slave labor while polluting the planet, you will definitely reap what you sow.
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