Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Live Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the American Ghandi

How curious, how many "conservatives" (right-wing radicals) want to somehow reframe Dr. Kings' support of human dignity (which they opposed and undercut) every way they could, try now to corral the HUMANITARIAN Dr. King into their Mood Ring chant of the moment. Dr. King opposed exploitation.

Remembering Lincoln, as a republican while their standard bearers today, say, Black People need to "learn" about hard work, or ask for Paychecks not Welfare, [because they ignore that there are more unemployed white people on welfare than any other color] Or snort and complain that the todays' President is a Welfare president, when it has been their OUT SOURCING and TRICKLE DOWN VooDoo Economics that caused the loss of good American Jobs. Their corporate off-shoring via TAX POLICY and their gutting of regulations, so their Masters on WALL STREET and K Street who line their gucci loafers and gold trimmed pools with thousand dollar bills.

All that I can stand all that I can expect. The only thing that is over the top, is when some ignorant savage writes in to remember a mercenary assassin, like the refuse that was hired to martyr Dr. King. 

Dr. King uplifter of humanity, cannot be slain, cannot be murdered. cannot be silenced. He will live longer for humanity than any tired mercenary.

Long Live Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the American Ghandi
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