Monday, January 23, 2012

MIC CHECK as a tactic? It troubles my heart

Brothers and sisters, let me say this as a concerned colleague. I get the idea of "SPEAKING UP" and being part of the dialogue. But in my heart of hearts, I am concerned that when we speak up to disrupt a speech. We invite the same karma. We damage, dialogue, we "SPIKE" the give and take and prevent speech.

I do not condemn, I was not there. I only raise the question. IF WE DISRUPT do we not give others license to disrupt our speech?

I speak not in condemnation, but only from my honest heart. I want the right to give my speech, free and continuous, I will give my opponent, the respect of hearing their "pitch" as I demand the respect to give mine. By withdrawing that respect, do we not invite the same?

I know full well, they do not respect us, our values or our ideas.

I just think we should set the example of giving the respect that they do not give us, then giving our ideas. Speaking our minds.

I share these thoughts, not in condemnation, and not seeking the validation, of agreement, only to raise a question of tactics.

solidarity & peace
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