Sunday, July 29, 2018

PNN - Float like a Butterfly Sting like an Activist

PNN - Float like a Butterfly Sting like an Activist
Our Guests:

Staci-Lee Sherwood - Butterflies & Turtles a wildlife activist who has been involved in wildlife issues for over a decade. She has been very involved in Turtles rescues over the years and has turned in an additional direction and she has turned her not inconsiderable skills to protecting pollinators.

Kofi Hunt - Tampa/St. Petersburg Democratic Activist who has spent over a decade assisting progressive activists to maximize their impact.

Libbe Halevy - Radiation Activist Libbe has made it her focus of interest studying Nuclear Plants, and Nuclear Power dangers. The impact on the environment and helping people understand the health impact of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste storage and processing. She has a weekly podcast called the Nuclear Hotseat!  

Brook Hines -  will give us an UPDATE on FLorida Democratic Politics

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