Thursday, July 12, 2018

The New Good Neighbor Policy

The New Good Neighbor Policy

The corporations exist at the sufferance of civil society it was "assumed" in the past that the corner butcher 
or dry goods shop owner or car dealer who lived and prospered by the use of civic roads and infrastructure 
was compelled by native instinct to avoid shirking community norms and would not poison, or pollute 
or adulterate their products because the good city burghers would not tolerate such abuse from a 
fellow shopkeeper. (Now corporate entity) run by another villager to deal so imprudently with a neighbor 
and fellow villager.

As corporations or shop keepers got bigger so large so as to claim resources from many villagers, 
they have learned two diabolical skills - first playing fast and loose with international taxation loopholes 
(as in apple or microshaft or gargle)
"I'm not living here, for tax paying purposes" and because, playing tax bill "whack a mole" and chasing 
these international shopkeepers is a time consuming and expensive task.
(not to mention) How lobbyist cash "donations" is a strong disincentive for strict enforcement of shop keeper 

We can no longer afford to have these international scofflaws thrive and hide, who expect to be able 
to sell in this village, but claim to live "over there" (for tax responsibility purposes) While using all the 
infrastructure they need to do business (mail service, street lights, EMT, roads, bridges, power, police, 
all civil structures) in not just one but so many villages.

You say, These shopkeepers or corporations, or companies are people too? 

We need to say, an end to these tax responsibility scofflaws, they need to ante up in your town and mine. 
Also let me also add, when they poison our lakes, streams, rivers and air... no legal niceties should shield 
these bad shopkeepers and allow them to skirt a good neighbor's civic duty - 

You insist your four year old cleans up their mess - shouldn't these cross border shopkeepers should do less?

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