Thursday, July 12, 2018

Advice to Would-be Media Influencers

Advice to Would-be Media Influencers

If you are asked to comment on the illustrious choice of the (former Bush Coup Enabler, former Ken Starr ghost writer, former Bush Administration Assistant to the Chief of Staff)
JUDGE. He who has been selected to Overturn... (that which shall go unmentioned.) [hint: starts with Roe V Wade]

Remember they (OUR GOVERNMENT, We?) are keeping track of all "media influencers" so your safest course (as a Media Influencer)  is to lavish hysterical unbridled praise on not just the judge, and it almost "goes without saying", on the Heroic and Olympian Judgment of the Golden Gift of the GOD-GIVEN Trumperium.

But I must add, that every effort must be made to - in the most ecstatic and fulsome terms, recognize such a glowing, incandescent even Promethean choice, of this the finest example of sober nonpartisan judicial leadership. ( services to W's coup in Florida, notwithstanding) , but I would think (still allowed?) that sustained histrionic and noisy groveling, and rending of garments when accompanied by slavish praise for the FEDERALIST VETTING PROCEDURE - is undoubtedly required to achieve even a minimally adequate level of sycophancy necessary to pass the TRUMPERIUM "TRUE-BELIEVER" LITMUS TEST.

STOPPING IN ANYWAY SHORT of an abject groveling genuflection, I think it probably safe to say (looking over both shoulders) absent that, there will be no federal DC judgeship for you ... my fine friend.

( passed along from an unnamed source, secreted away, at an undisclosed location, and TOTALLY off the record )

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