Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bulwark of the Law

I interviewed a state attorney on this question (the 4th Amendment)  and asked "what is the constitutional basis 
for this behavior? 

Since we ostensibly have enshrined in the CONSTITUTION protection from UNREASONABLE SEARCHES 

He laughed and said "the war on drugs!" (He winked here, because he thought I liked his joke) I was thinking 
about all those people, who's lives were stolen)

I said "regardless, when was the Constitution modified? I never heard anything about it. 
Did it happen while America wasn't looking? When our back was turned?" In W's felicitous phrase, 
"you gotta catapult the propaganda".

He laughed again, well he said in candor, "the forces of law&disorder (tm) profit by it TREMENDOUSLY! "
I said, "yes I realize all those goods (stolen from citizens) enrich law enforcement" but I continued,
 "you are an officer of the court, sworn to (hold up) uphold, the law, you're not supposed to sway
 in the political wind. You represent the citizens' protection, you are our bulwark of the law!"
He laughed and said, "you see. it's never been successfully challenged that's why!"

Sessions wants to increase seizures 7/18/17

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