Monday, November 30, 2009

Mr. President - about that new direction

... in Afghani-Pakistan

We elected you because we felt as a community organizer you would bring fresh perspective on "rebuilding and RETHINKING" our middle eastern policies. Turning away from mercenaries and black sites and chasing a thousand Taliban with 50,000 more young women and men.

You said Iraq was a mistake and the problem was Afghanistan and Pakistan. We do not believe the road to improved lives for Afghanistani women and children is paved by bombs and the blood of American soldiers. Pakistan also needs help - they don't need more war profiteers and more munitions. Are you preparing us for extending BUSH/CHENEY policies?

We don't need more war, we need jobs and help - to keep our homes and educate our children. That's where we need your attention and where we need you to place American resources.

Be the leader we know you have been, do not be the war-profiteer's errand boy.
All that blood and destruction will win you no allies.
And it will betray those who supported you!

RW Spisak Jr.
Miami for Peace
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