Sunday, November 15, 2009

"We CHOSE, to go NAKED.*"

Say Yes, to a Robust Public Option

We must dismantle the deadly practice of health care rationing by the private insurance companies answerable to no one. Dollars should not determine whether children and families should suffer and die when treatment options are available. I have worked as a technical and creative professional for over 20 years. The majority of small businesses who have employed me and other technical professionals like me, offer no insurance. My wife and I both suffer from conditions that stem from a life joyously and fully led.

The Medical Insurance industry uses the term "pre-existing conditions" to deny coverage or services, or simply refuse to honor contractual obligations. When last my wife and I priced even a minimum medical catastrophic coverage, the monthly fees were nearly double a mortgage obtained during the real estate bubble. Three mortgages are not in our budget - so as the gentlemen from the Health Insurance Lobbying Wing of the House would have it -
"We CHOSE, to go NAKED.*"

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