Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An Essay on Planned Parenthood

An Essay on Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has a simple goal to help people "PLAN" parenthood, by being informed about and having control of their own bodies and bodily processes.

Part of informing people about planning parenthood, is informing the ill educated about their own bodily processes. If people had the scientific information and understood, how human reproduction worked, this alone would give them significant control over reproduction.
The same people who oppose abortion also oppose scientific education about sexual biology, and often all birth control.

A knowledge of history, shows that the scientific study of the human body was opposed by contemporary church leaders. The mere study of the structures of the human body was considered by some an affront to religion. Some religious people still oppose dissemination of information about the human body.

Providing information about human biology is part of the work of Planned Parenthood, but it also exists as a bulwark in opposition to those who would limit birth control techniques. Some would limit not only birth control but any choices after impregnation.

Is any limitation on the processes of reproduction acceptable? Nature is certain, she has always provided a range of solutions to over-population. The question remains, how can we accommodate both human sexual behavior and the natural limitations of resource systems.

Ready access to birth control and sex education, acts as a deterrent to the less than ideal choice, of abortion.

RW Spisak Jr.
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