Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Brother Dean
I believe I can address you thus familiarly, because from all I have heard you say, you understand humanity as one family.

I ask you, as leader of the democratic party, if the house rose and impeached former president Clinton, how could any democrat who voted that bill of impeachment, not support charges against the current white house resident. I would call him, by a more honorable title, had he won that fairly.

IMPEACH - For lying about weapons of mass destruction,

IMPEACH - for lying about the nigerian uranium sale which he knew to be false,

IMPEACH -for leading an unprepared, undermanned and ill-equipped invasion
against a nation whose dictator was odious, but no true threat, to this great country.

IMPEACH - for subverting the BILL of RIGHTS with spying on our financial and electronic communications, suspending habeus corpus and violating International Laws of War.


This man again and again reminds America, that he is, in his words a "war president".
I ask, if we are to hold foot soldiers responsible for acting criminally outside the rules of war,
how can we not impeach this " commander" who would redefine torture as a legitimate tool
of the world's leading democracy, and yet hypocritically condemning the barbarous acts of others.

This man whose regime speaks so easily against attacks on civilized values, but wages war, with tactics his press agents label "shock and awe". Ask the uncounted Iraqi civilian dead about the victory , of shock and awe.

Why is not every democrat calling for impeachment?

Why are they not demanding from republicans, those few with remaining shreds of integrity still tenuously clinging. Join US! - in in the call for IMPEACHMENT NOW?

Remember those who so decried our former presidents equivocation, and tremulous puzzling over "what is, is". When this, so called "commander-in-chief" looked for new innovative definitions of "WHAT TORTURE IS", hardly can these be called comparable crimes.

So if you wish to regain, the moral authority the true democrats need to defeat this cabal of war criminals. Call for a bill of impeachment now. And again, and again until the Senate confirms the judgement. And until Bush and Cheney are deposed and sent to the Hague to answer for their murderous and inhumane policies.

The impeachment of a democrat who fought for people, who sought health care for all Americans, will forever shame you and all democrats; if you do not seize the moment and bring democrats together and any republican who understands honor. And IMPEACH these war criminals.

Who cared more about the Petroleum Ministry of Bhagdad, that the lives of young Americans on Ill-armored patrol duty.

NO right for a prisoner to know the charges under which they are held, IMPEACH, Held incommunicado, held indefinitely without charge - I SAY IMPEACH!

Tortured while in U.S. Custody, by a cancellation of basic humane geneva conventions, IMPEACH, Charge soldiers for food and care after near mortal wounds, IMPEACH.
Send young American soldiers to die unnecessarily unprepared, ill armored - this so called commander in thief, MUST BE IMPEACHED!

If democrats care about the honor of this great land. For god's sake, for your great grandchildren's sake, IMPEACH both of these men.

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