Tuesday, June 27, 2006

RE: "... antiwar crowd..."

There is so much misunderstanding in this letter, let’s start at the title; “Selfish Anti War Crowd”. Selfish is the type who couldn't be bothered to go to war for their country but are thrilled to send the children of the working class to war. SEE BUSHES RECORD,

It is not "selfish" to participate in changing the country's direction. It is selfish to profit from this war, that we were lied into, by those who knew better, when they proclaimed WMDs and bouquets awaited us.

When certain British subjects got tired of being ordered around and decided to "DO THEIR OWN THING" by starting this country They started a trend. We don't appreciate rulers who have special rules for themselves and their partners see ENRON / HALIBURTON.

About the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties isn't against anything; its' for the Constitution. It’s for, Civil Rights. It’s for Rush Limbaugh's rights, it's in favor of your Constitutional Rights. The ACLU passes out copies of the Bill of Rights. Like Johnny Appleseed, they are trying to start a forest of understanding. I know, I'm a member.

About religion in America, our founders understood history. They knew three hundred years of religious wars in Europe. They hoped to avoid it by creating a government that respected
all religions, yet claimed no affiliation. They wanted to prevent the use of civil government to punish religious beliefs.

After President Clinton we had a surplus, and after the 9/11 attack we were supported not by a coalition of the bribed, but by EVERY NATION. If stopping a bad policy is cutting? Then yes, let’s cutout bigotry and pointless wars. And let’s run from liars, who listen only to yes-men while ignoring the rising toxic water.

RW Spisak
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