Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pity poor “set upon” Christendom

Pity poor “set upon” Christendom
A historic essay by RW Spisak Jr.

While secular humanists and liberals at the dawn of the millennium, attempted to uphold the constitutional guarantees supporting freedom of religion, many Christian advocates of the time, misunderstood the concept of freedom of religion, confusing it with freedom to suppress other religions. While they might have understood the position of the Secular Humanists that in protecting all religions this would allow them to continue to practice their cunning and baroque rituals. They instead demanded a religious oriented civic government.

The Secular Humanists would have guaranteed their right to freely practice their curious folk ways, with its morbid statuary, it’s elaborate costumes and ritual sacrifices, free from fear or coercion. They were largely unable to grasp the fact that had their rights been thus protected, they would retain the ability to continue to practice free of governmental interference.

While we are today accustomed to Houses of Science and Planetariums, and Cosmology Exhibits on every corner, very few remember these were once “Christer-Castles” called "churches", (how quaint that lost word sounds on the tongue) only to become today’s modern busy Wiccan-ariums, Houses of Chemistry and Cosmology Viewing Centers. Since more and more of their former temples and churches were transformed into Houses of Science, Yoga temples,
and Covens, the actual number of practicing “Christers” has shrunken to a point where only a few states actually have statistically significant percentages. Out numbered now by Humanists and Reformed Fundamentalist Evolutionaries, their last hurrah, during the turn of the century when scores of “Christers” or Christians as they called themselves then, tried to force civil society to adopt their curious religious tenets as a "higher morality" just as those in the near east had turned to Sharia law, (religious dogma) as an antidote to modernity’s challenges.

Yet once mandatory church attendance laws were enacted, it was just a matter of time before the Second Enlightenments’ great scientific awakening became the fashion. Fossil parties
and Home Physics gatherings were held across the land and Home Do-it-yourself “Genetic Kits” allowed Mom and Dad and the kids, to practice simple geneto-experiments on themselves and their friends. It was at that point, as folks who might have joined their neighbors last week
in a witch hunt or a spontaneous yet mandatory baptism-riot, now were using home genetic kits to change hair color and IQ of their friends and neighbors.

The freedoms that the Secular Humanists sought to maintain for these ancient folk ways, have allowed these practices to continue (although not flourish) along side today’s modern Houses of Science and Cosmology Halls, as a “quaint” backward glance at a nearly forgotten primitive past. Back at the turn of the millennium, they seemed not to understand that when the humanists attempted to protect their right to practice any old superstitious rite, no matter how antiquarian. The laws they insisted on enacting, have given us the Genet-o Chant and the Patriotic Recitation of the Fossil Record, beloved today by every school child.
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