Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Liberals use all their tools to attack God and the family"

"Liberals use all their tools to attack God and the family"

Mr. Babuji

Let's think just for a second, about the "work" of the liberals
through history. If you are a student of "Judeo-Christian" thought,
you are doubtless aware that the Bible was thought to be strictly
for the elite, the rich and the nobles.

It was a "LIBERAL" opinion, that the Bible should be available
to everyone. You may also be aware that it was a "LIBERAL" idea
to translate the Bible into language other than the "original"
Latin. It was eventually even translated into the modern language
of English, several different times, with a "LIBERAL" range of
interpretations and metaphors.

It was a "LIBERAL" idea that suggested that mere human beings
could govern themselves. It was a "LIBERAL" idea that we could
live without KINGS and nobles. This "LIBERAL" idea allowed for
the founding of a country where people who had suffered under
"CONSERVATIVE" religious wars in Europe could live as an
alternative in this "LIBERAL" country where people would be
free to practice, or not, the religion of their choice.

I have been a progressive and "Liberal" my entire adult life -
I have never heard a "Liberal" denounce prayer, or suggest that
those who worship, and fear god, are destroying this country.

I have however read the teachings of Jesus, which urge those who
attempt to follow his teaching, "should not, judge others harshly,
lest their intolerance fall upon themselves."

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
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