Saturday, April 09, 2011

Capitulation First-ers Salute HISTORIC Victory

We are sustained. We  live to Capitulate again! So crow enthusiastic White House mice. People nearly expected us to stand up - or even, you know, have our own position? 

We just can't wait to follow any trend the Tea Party Wing of the Republicans require. And if they want to attack Unions, or Teachers, or Librarians, we don't know'm.

Hell even Sleepy the VP - you don't like em, we'll deep six'm.
It's under the bus for the lot of em.

We twisted NPR's arm to Hire ANN COULTER! Nobody gives us credit for anything!

Just please, pretty please,  don't ask us to stand up for anything. Reid's our guy, he'll say anything.

If they want someone fired... NO PROBLEM If they want Karl Rove up on Mt. Rushmore?
Hey JUST ASK. Whatever they want, gut PUBLIC BROADCAST, defund the EPA?
$end radioactive watche$ to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DONE & DONE.

GIVE, HANDOFF, DONATE ... new drilling options to BP in the GULF!  Did you hear, that TransOcean just got a PRIZE FOR $AFETY???
Oh, well yes, they did award themselves that and GREAT$ BIG$ BONUSE$
for safety last year.  
Imagine what their 2009 was like. Just don't say bad things about us. 
We're thinking of awarding them an Environmental Medal for MOST IMPROVED MAJOR POLLUTER!  We'll be giving MASSEY ENERGY an OSHA Award, for not killing as many as unprotected miners as they might have. We have a track record with these things.  

UTERUS! - I gotta NOBEL PEACE PRIZE - ya gotta laugh! 
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