Friday, March 11, 2011

RE Scott Protestors at the Marriott

I was one of the SCOTT protestors at the Marriott. What I saw was teachers, firemen, families, union workers, working people with concerns about the cuts to the DRUG DATABASE, and people protesting cuts to the care for the Homeless and the elderly. People worried about the environment, people worried that dissolving the Department of the ENvironment into the Development Department will speed the destruction of what's left of Florida's Environment.
Protestors object to Scotts refusal to Fund The Pill-Mill Database

The current GOV. showed whose agenda he served when he chose to address a Tea Party Rally when he rolled out his budget.

I find it a very sad fact that the same people who say, we must all share the burden, of the results of the Mortgage Speculators, and the Banking Speculators and now the Petroleum Speculators, but insist that the price must be paid only by the working people and the poor. The RICH, get tax benefits and the working poor get to carry society's burdens. The RICH get tax cuts, the poor get to suck it up. How is that sharing the burdens?

I stood at the entrance way, to the Marriott were the limos and well heeled drove in to visit with their pet governor. 

I saw happy faces, of people engaged in the dialogue of democracy. I saw concerned faces of people worried about their jobs, their neighbors, their children. I saw no one yelling angrily at the inbound fat-cats, I saw no one trying to block the driveway. I saw among over 400 people protesting, not one angry face, except, on the faces in the fancy cars. They were angry, they wanted us to just disappear.

There were two county police checking cars entering the Marriott parkinglot, but there were no confrontations at all. I saw over four hundred people standing up to be heard. More democracy than you might see inside. Where the congratulatory backslapping, stood more for PURCHASED POWER of the PLUTOCRATS than anything resembling democracy.

CUT TAXES for the RICH, and Funding Cuts for firemen and women, TAX BREAKS FOR LIMOS and PRIVATE PLANES, reduced funds for libraries and the Unemployed. How is that fair?

It's fair, like the republicans in Wisconsin, using legislative tricks to GUT Workers Rights, Fair like Utah's republicans repealing Government in the Sunshine Regulations, so corruption covered up, and simultaneously retrieving any documents will be prohibitively expensive.

How is TAX CUTS for the WEALTHY and funding cuts in schools, libraries sharing the pain? And why have the speculators, not only benefitted from their fraud and theft? But then been given TAXPAYERS BAILOUTS? for our losses?  Does anyone actually believe that Mortgage Bankers and CREDIT CARD COMPANIES write page after page of fine print - to help YOU?

The people were standing outside the Marriott to say NO to tax cuts for the wealthy and wage and benefit cuts for working people. We were there to tell Scott, we know crime when we see it. Why is he fighting the people's vote to end Gerrymandering - Enforce don't Thwart Amendments 5 and 6. 


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