Thursday, March 03, 2011

Upon learning that Obama will join Jebby at a Charter School in Miami

Jeb, (the smart one)

Known by those of us, who paid attention as Governor "Nefarious".
(He used the word to describe his own plan, to thwart the public will on Pupil-Teacher Ratio)

Mr. Nefarious, will join the Constitutional Lawyer, Community Activist president while they laud the decimation of the Public School System at a charter school in Miami.
Tell me what is inevitable, if a pre-purchased Congress refuses to tax the hand that feeds them? What will happen if they continue to refuse to tax their corporate PAYMASTERS?
Why is it UNFAIR for the public to pay for modest retirement pensions but it's totally fair for Banks and Credit Corporations to gouge the same public so that their CEOs can get Million Dollar Bonuses? And then bank the tax funded bailouts to keep them wash in the luxurious style that would pay the pensions of tens of thousands? I know of no union man or women getting a million dollar pension.

How  will they wring the funds for crumbs of government from the poor, a government  [no doubt] small enough to drown in a THIMBLE?

Will it really be by gutting all those non-essential public employees, like TEACHERS, LIBRARIANS, FIREMEN & WOMEN and POLICE OFFICERS? Florida's New TAX CUTTING Governor has already fired hundreds of prison employees because "PRIVATIZATION" is better, is better, is better, is better.

It seems the poor, can't afford to pay for their own survival. Odd, are they too cheap, can't they be compelled or at least conscripted?

Clearly the RICHEST 1% needn't be bothered about these once critical infrastructure pillars. After all they send their spawn to the PRIVATE SCHOOLS. They FLY ABOVE the POT-HOLED STREETS and they don't need police or firemen, they own their own SECURITY FORCES.

I wonder why Prez "o" and jebby didn't journey to the RUST BELT? 
Why aren't they there ? Why aren't they  PRAISING THE BRAVE GOVERNOR KINGS of OHIO, RHODE ISLAND and WISCONSIN, those proud men brave enough to GUT public employees and their pensions in the face of all that FEIGN STREAM MEDIA hand-wringing.

Lay on McDuff - Mr President maybe next you'll stand next to Alberto Gonzales and praise his eye for Justice (wink-wink). Or maybe Rummy and praise his skills at WAR-PLANNING, wrong country not withstanding...

Heck of a job Jebby, Heck of a Job!

solidarity & peace
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