Sunday, June 01, 2008

The dance of the corporate candidates

We need to find every path to building a more humane country.

I believe that if the progressives dissolve in ideological purity street-fights, we hand this country back to the TORIES. They will retreat to their gated communities and complete the disintegration of the social contract leaving our grandchildren a dark poisonous world that makes the streets of BLADE RUNNER look positively cozy.

We have a remarkable opportunity given the dangerous and destructive power that has molded this country for the last eight years. Americans have had their consumer-bemused vision focused in turn on the mortgage crisis, the health care crisis, gasoline prices and the shipment overseas of not just blue collar jobs, but white color jobs as well. These job losses are engineered by companies who enjoy ENORMOUS TAX BENEFITS, while stealing jobs from Americans. More Americans than ever, have come to understand and SPOT the Emperors "NEW" Clothes.

We have the best chance since the factory fires at the turn of the last century to make some serious improvements in the social contract. Many Americans can finally see what progressives have been warning about, for decades! I think change is within reach! But not, if we allow the dance of the corporate candidates to distract us.

Some of us weren't distracted by the attempt to blame the economic refugees from South of the RIO GRANDE for America's loss of jobs and economic disaster glide-path. Some of us have noticed that CEO salaries are now 400 times the wages of their workers. But if we allow the BLACK/WOMAN argument to fragment progressive and democratic forces, we play right into the "TORY-ROVE" game plan. The monarchist and oligarchs who hate human rights, can still win!

They can't argue TORTURE, they can't argue FOREIGN POLICY brilliance, they can't argue economics, they can't ignore over 4 thousand dead Americans who died because of their lies, they can't argue medical access, they sure can't argue BETTER OFF, but if we dissolve in a divisive, bitter hate-fest, then Karl Rove's divide and conquer will have succeeded.

And woe is us, woe is the working-debt class, woe is the environment, woe is worker rights, woe is everything in America except - the arms merchants, the private prison industry, and the RULING CLASS. And the republicans will take that to the bank!

solidarity & peace

rick spisak
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