Friday, May 30, 2008

Operation Iron Claw - repulsican manipulation continues

Part 1 - Operation Iron Claw , as distinct from open hand.

Who would have guessed, more republican electoral shenanigans. Do you think they do this because they can't win fair? Have you trimmed the voting rolls in our county?( in your county?) Have you gotten the memo from Karl on who to disqualify? Anyone with "certain kind of names?" Try any spelling! - are you folks going to try that one again?

Have you accepted the premise that any unfair electoral sleight of hand is OK as long as you win office. Let me tell you if you haven't gotten THIS MEMO - Democrats will be watching for MORE REPUBLICAN ELECTION DECEIT. We're fed up.

It's hardly news, the REPUBLICANS HAVE ANOTHER DUBIOUS STRATEGY to thwart a fair and legitimate electoral process. But, they'll say - its all perfectly legal, and they certainly don't have to worry about FAIR - After all they've got the legislature in a stranglehold.

Remember the last mantra? "TAX REDUCTION WON"T IMPACT FUNDING" education won't be touched, or health and safety - remember the promises. They don't worry about electoral niceties - ANYTHING GOES WITH THEM - They're republicans, they need to tamper with voting rolls to win, and they need Supreme Court Justices to stop the vote counting. Oh, and did I forget, they prefer the election equipment have no paper trail ... I wonder why?

IRONCLAW... sounds like open handed government in t he SUNSHINE to me?

Part 2 -Tin-Tentacle gang

I have never met a democrat who ran as a republican or as an independent, and I have been a democratic activist all my 1/2 century. I have however seen and heard republicans who have claimed to be NON-PARTISAN, being uniters not dividers while they winnowed the polls and pulled every trick in the book to rig what they couldn't win.

How anyone could praise someone running for office with a stealth (no announced plan, no public agenda). Is that what you call leadership? Is that what you offer to contribute to the future of this part of FLORIDA, no public plan, no public "open" agenda.

The Iron Claw, what a joke - You've seen too many James Bond movies, too many propaganda films. This county, this state needs open meetings, and leaders who can openly discuss the problems and challenges, not subtle political tactics to further insult the voters. Insulted voters are wary and apathetic. Just like the gutting of public education, these things happen for a reason.

People who run for office, should listen and present their plans and policies, not hide behind voter apathy so that a tiny minority create a powerful plurality. Stealth agenda indeed. Citizens who care about the world their great grandchildren will live in, who aren't blinded by "cute pseudo robusto" clubby names, and can see exactly what the tin-tentacle is reaching for... with its non-campaign campaign.

RW Spisak

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