Monday, May 26, 2008

Thoughts on watching, reliving " RECOUNT" on HBO

It just seems that letting them get away with tilting the playing field, isn't non-partisan, it's not sour grapes to call it what it was. It would be protecting the integrity of the democratic voting system? Does democracy mean nothing?

I thought Warren Christopher's mistake was misunderstanding the damage inherent in the database driven disenfranchisement. That wasn't a mistake or an oversight, it was a coup. It was like misunderstanding Kristallnacht as the excesses of a few hooligans, or a "third rate burglary." Gutting the voting rolls isn't insignificant or merely partisan or even, just racist. It can only be understood as a crime against the nation. Or should I say, to be contemporary... the vaterland.

They are oligarchic barbarians not mere overzealous partisans. There is a difference, the problem was that the Gore team misjudged their opponents. and woe is the electorate.

Leaving the field because it would be troublesome and tendentious? Christopher's position was to leave the field to those bloody in tooth and claw. Above the fray, doesn't mean you can't stand up to the bullies. This was a "streetfight"; and using Marquis of Queensbury rules in that situation is like trying to debate with a cannibal, wrong language, a true failure to communicate.

Woe to Gore and Kerry and us, to have such Generals with such barbarians at the gates. Confronting them and calling out these enemies of democracy for what they are, but the Gore team had no stomach to protect democracy.

There opponents didn't play fair? So you ignore them, and refuse to soil your gloves? These poll tampering plutocrats, who imported rioters from the staff of republicans in congress and flew thugs to disrupt the count... This wasn't a competing party this was a thugocracy - to ignore this difference wasn't discretion it was capitulation.

This wasn't a competing political ideology or economic theory - but a well funded corporate backed [ENRON JET Fueled] organized gang who took a page from Nixxon's playbook, laying on Reagan & Ollie North (and Elliot Abrahm's) stand alone, off the shelf, war engine - sure they didn't need a draft, to pursue their "ALL WAR ALL THE TIME PLAN!" [your either with us, or your against us] foreign policy, they just purchased an "off-the-shelf" mercenary force.

Starve the government until it could be drowned in a tub, only applied to health, and welfare - the police and war state were positively catapulted - as in " You have to catapult the propaganda!" [GW Bush] - No money for levees in New Orleans or Education scholarships - but UNCOUNTED MILLIONS by the palette, for KBR & Haliburton

No, even blaming.. Gore and Kerry isn't adequate (albeit accurate) enough - can we confront them before Nov of 2008? Or will the dems just whimper and maybe scribble on their concentration camp walls - we was robbed and as they stare at their navels, and heaving a smug circumspect harumph, reminisce that it was we on watch, when they stole the last few historic artifacts of representative democracy?
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