Monday, June 16, 2008

Republican Energy Policies - from secret to bankrupt

It was the current Petroleum Picked President who chose to lead with a "SECRET" energy policy. This SECRET ENERGY POLICY allowed no public input into the SECRET Meetings BIG Oil's Vice President held, once they stole office.

You may remember it was the President's Taxi Service, ENRON, who paralyzed California by stealing power from California, and then with the Federal Government's approval sold it back at inflated rates.

You may not recall Oil's Vice President placed the blame. on Californians for these problems. It was not Californians that celebrated [and cashed the checks] when the lights went out in factories, nursing homes and medical facilities and rolling blackouts terrorized Californians.

It was the Energy Speculators at ENRON, you know the Oil President's best buddy... The "soon-to-be-convicted" Kenny Boy. The same sort of ENERGY SPECULATORS are benfitting now, as Americans begin to choose between food and gas, at the corner filch-o-rama.

Even now with the largest profits ever made in the world, bulging in BIG Oil's pockets - REPUBLICANS still refuse to even consider taxing these extraordinary profits to benefit the struggling debt-class. No they propose another "FAKE" plan.

Why is it that the Oil President and the Oil Vice President haven't noticed the cash bulging out of BIG OILS coffers? Why has there been no WORDS of WISDOM from Big-Oil's President demanding that prices be slashed, and finally once and for all a REAL INVESTMENT BE MADE in ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. Oh that's right he did notice he said, we're addicted. The guy with the Platinum Fuel Pump!

While the facts have shown again and again, drilling in Alaska is not the solution, maybe Big Oil's President might consider a REAL SOLUTION for the debt-class, not another fake $100 or $600 shell game. But a real solution to the OBSCENITY of RIDICULOUSLY HIGH ENERGY PRICES.
Meanwhile American Families, and American Farmers, are robbed by the President's favorite industry.

The results of BIG OIL's SECRET ENERGY PLAN are finally on the table for all to see - GAS over $4 per gallon. Americans don't want a fake rebate but a real alternative to oil and an end to the CORPORATE IRRESPONSIBILITY - But my guess is that that, may not be part of the OIL PRESIDENTS' SECRET ENERGY PLAN. You Think?

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