Monday, June 09, 2008

State House District 81 has strong Democratic Choice

RE: State House 81 race could be most competitive in Florida

We have a chance this year to replace a "MORE-OF-THE-SAME" republican with a "TOP NOTCH" democrat, Bill Ramos.

Bill has been part of the Treasure Coast community who really cares about our future, and is prepared to do something about it! He's spent a career, walking the walk, helping people understand financial and budgetary realities every day.

A man who has already served his community in a hundred ways, a man of sound fiscal judgment, and a TRUE FAMILY MAN. He and his wife have raised a fine family with children currently attending Martin County Public Schools. He's no stranger to the results of the past irresponsible policies of the republican run legislature.

His economic background, and his families' life in this community that he loves, gives him a no nonsense "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" approach to the challenges facing Florida.

We won't be hearing the kind of pandering and sloganeering we heard from Representative Harrel. I heard Ms. Harrell give a speech to a local professional organization, when she said, "THE TAX CUTS will have no impact on government services, police, fire or education." Even in a largely sympathetic audience there was more that a degree of skepticism. (All well founded it seems.)

Even when questioned closely, How she was asked, if you cut funding again and again, will it not have any impact on government services? She did know the standard republican mantra... CUT TAXES... CUT TAXES... Its the solution to everything.

Floridians do need some services from their government. Bill Ramos's experience helping people analyze their budgets, to understand what kind of homes they can afford, means one thing, he actually understands fiscal realities.

Lets give Bill Ramos, a chance to bring sound financial management, and dollars and sense good judgment, to that Tallahassee swamp of broken REPUBLICAN PROMISES.

Send Bill Ramos to Tallahassee - He understands what it's like to raise a family and work to make a living, here on the Treasure Coast - VOTE BILL RAMOS and send a man with sound financial judgment and family values to Tallahassee.

solidarity & peace
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