Thursday, April 12, 2007

Response to Letter to the Editor calling for a Change in Treason laws

Well, thats some darn interesting reasoning.

Blame the liberals. Well, I agree, we should blame the LIBERALS for starting this country, after all, those who were CONSERVATIVES supported, let's see, that would be King George, ahh the good old days, everything old is new again.

Let's see what else can we blame the Liberals for, oh yeah I remember, that old LIBERAL Ben Franklin who with his LIBERAL thinking proposed that Libraries and Public Schools, should be free and accessible to everyone.

Imagine the arguments against that LIBERAL agenda. OK what else? LIBERALS should be blamed for the END of the 7-day work week, and that MAD LIBERAL idea, the end of Child Labor.
We all remember how that social program destroyed American Business, as the conservatives explained.

Then the thoughtless, probably treasonous LIBERAL idea, to put an end (officially at least) to Slavery and that impossible LIBERAL scheme to grant Women the Right to VOTE. All good conservatives understood that would be the end of the republic.

I find it a horrific indictment of our educational system, that so many thoughtless individuals can grow to adulthood, and yet equate a difference of political opinion, not with the great American capacity for free speech and public input into the political dialog, that makes our great country. And worse, they fail so miserably to comprehend, that all the founders of this country supported, insisted on, even demanded DISSENT, as a crucial component of an informed and participatory democracy.

Treason???, ask brother Thom Jefferson, who said, unless we have the right to revise and improve our government by revolution, we are not living in a functioning vital democracy.

Don't forget to vote!

Rick Spisak
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