Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not futile now, not futile EVER

Unfortunately we can expect little help from any "BIG MEDIA".

And with all the political heat, that PBS has been sustaining they have had to cover their right flank constantly.

But - given the POWER/MONEY/RE$OURCE$ and INK (electronic and otherwise) of the Repulsican War Machine - and the slow growth of vertebrae on the other side of the aisle in Congress

Our primary resource is the honest integrity and human morality of those of us, who;
a. Have some appreciation of the slow growth of Liberty ( civilization )
b. Have some appreciation of Justice and Fair Play
c. Have some personal integrity and honor
d. Live for more, that the race for Consumer Goods

We must continue to stand for Humanity's sake, for the Future - in the face of this Perfect Storm of Inhumanity-Money and Infamy. And speak loud, clear, and calm for civilization.

It is no more futile, than it has ever been for any human, from Socrates, to Galileo, to Joan of Arc to our founders. Even in the Dark Ages, even in the Cold War, even now.

And men like Dr. King, G.B. Shaw, and women like Rosa Parks, and Margaret Sanger will stand and oppose the cruel and the fearful.

Was it futile to tell King George, that the colonies could stand against the greatest empire since Caesar? It is not futile now to oppose the Administration, the NY Times, The Washington Post, the LA Times, CBS, NBC, CNN, and all their lies, stupidity and cupidity... and stand with the FUTURE.

In Liberty, Common Humanity and Solidarity

Rick Spisak
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