Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RE Chair the House Intelligence Committee

Intelligence Committee Chairman,
Rep. Silvestre Reyes
(202) 225-7690

My Call

I called the Congressman's office and spoke with an aide. The rather disinterested clerk, had, god bless his pointed little head offered a defense, for the Chairman's comments on the Sunday chat shows when he floated a "trial balloon of immunity".

First he said, "Nothing's been decided as yet".

He tried to explain:
"Well if the president called, and explained that he needed the information, after all he's just asking for National Security. Then he closed with "I mean after all, wouldn't you - give him the keys to the Constitution???"

NO! I replied!

I kept reiterating in the face of his stone-walling, that the NEED for IMMUNITY only arose
due to the failure of the executive branches on a regular and consistent basis to comply with the FISA rules in particular, and the Constitution in general.

If the president's minions, refused to obey the law, and behaved illegally and conspired with others to break the law. It remains Congresses' responsibility to fulfill it's duty of Oversight, to re-introduce the Constitution. You know Checks and Balances?

Not to provide the Executive branch with dubious cover for illegal activity. Does the Congressman understand the system of CHECKS and BALANCES created by the founders?

"Yes", he reluctantly bristled.

I asked if he would he please pass along my concerns to the Congressman, he suggested he would. No Immunity I asked. No Immunity.

Intelligence Committee Chairman,
Rep. Silvestre Reyes
(202) 225-7690

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