Monday, March 17, 2008

What Hypocrisy & Elliot Spitzer hath wrought.

But they are all honorable men...
by RW Spisak

Let's start with what's he's not guilty of....
He's not guilty of subverting the Constitution.
He's not guilty
of heinous rapine and murder.
He's not guilty
of bombing innocent civilians in an illegal war.
He didn't expose the nations secret agents,
to public danger
and then depend on underlings to cover his tracks.

He didn't demand the Vice President sit beside him, t
o help him answer questions so he wouldn't get confused under gentle questioning.
He didn't order human beings tortured,
using the best tricks of the Inquisition.

He didn't thumb his nose at Congress or refuse to have his aides testify.
He didn't separate dangerous villains from God's Gift of Life.
He was not an abortionist or even gasp a Darwinist.
[If one can use such words in polite society.]

It seems he's been found guilty of hypocrisy in the fickle and tawdry court of public opinion. Other than being in desperate need of affection, or maybe in the land of torture
and indefinite imprisonment, timid souls might shake but to suggest, yet heedless of what COURT TV MIGHT SAY -
The poor boy must've been in serious need of a blow job?

And thus, not having the sustenance that brother George must draw from his favorite philosopher Jesus. He withdrew, unprepared to boldly face such a hyenal outcry - how unlike the most honorable Congressman Vitters, who did his prosti-tootling in a diapers, or Sen. Craig of the wide-wide-wide stance. A true man of the west no doubt.

So Elliot, who had trimmed the sails of the pirates of Wall Street - walked the plank, rather than face the outrage of the mob - he just bowed out.

He did not possess the brazen heartless quality that allows brother W to ignore his hideous crimes, and not stir though he shudders in the deep pitched midnight of his blood soaked soul. Shivering at 3am alone at 1600 albeit stiffenend in his resolve by the bloodless reptile the Cheney Creature.
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