Thursday, March 13, 2008

REDO? We don't need to RE-Chew our delegates

Let's speak plainly -

We should tell the National DNC their problem is with the republicans in control
of the Florida (nightmare) Legislature, and secondarily with the Ms. Management of the Florida Democratic Party.

We Floridian democrats had our primary.

We didn't have a choice about the primary date set in the deal, between the republicans in the legislature, and the "leadership" of the state democratic party. Let me say it again. We voted. We don't have the time or the resources to re-chew our democracy. We have our delegates. We had our vote.

Penalizing the rank & file Florida Democrats simply to punish Florida Democratic Party leadership, or worse simply to carry water for National Corporate-Democrats is to poison the water for the actual votes. , Gee maybe that's the plan?

Play with somebody else's votes, tamper with some else's delegates. And, do it on somebody else's dime. Ask those in the Florida party democratic leadership - who have such a good working relationship with Florida Republicans, maybe they can reimburse us, for our waste of time. We voted.

RW Spisak
progressive democrat
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