Sunday, August 22, 2010

RE the ANTI-MOSQUE L2E in Stuart News

Obviously the people who fail to respect the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion, which has made our great freedom of religion the standard the world dreams to emulate.
These people must be also unaware that the Imam of this Muslim Mosque and Community Center was a major Bush supporter and testified when Mr. Pearle the journalist was slain, by fanatics who are no more representative of the Muslim religion than the Swaggarts, and Tammy Faye Baker and husband are of Christianity.

When demagogues like serial ADULTERER Gingrich compare the ability to freely practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia. He fails (intentionally) to reconcile, the Saudi Kingdom, makes no promise of treating all religions equal. Newtie - that's what makes us better. Not just that we promise it. But in the crunch when we actually honor our higher standards.

We are better than this, we do not hate people because of their religion. That kind of thing is exactly the hypocrisy that some charge us with.

So conservatives, do you support the CONSTITUTION, or not. Or do you support it when it honors your prejudice, and turn your patriotic back when it pinches your fair-weather patriotism.

solidarity & peace

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