Sunday, August 15, 2010

Right Back Atcha Gibby - Amateur political insulter, that you are!

RE Professional Leftist/Amateur Leftist and ... others!

As a full-time Volunteer Progressive, which no apology to Ms Dowd, [PROGRESSIVE] does mean mean something. 

Many of us called ourselves Progressives because, we refused to be defined as simple
anti-war or strictly greens or merely human rights activists or economic fairness activists.

* We support Human Rights [something the conservatives seem not to think is a family value]

* We oppose needless mercantile War for Profit, [which seems to have captured the Christian values bunch.]
* We support adequate, even generous funding; not just for the returned damage soldiers, but also for schools and hospitals.

It's as if Gibby pretended that we hadn't thought for a minute two about the Presidents difficulties.

We [progressives] fully understand the necessity of compromise, [PROGRESSIVE UNDERSTAND THE PLURALITY OF VIEWS]

We [progressives] understand the fact of republican obstructionism.

However we just never drank the (infallibility koolaid)

We do understand this Administrations enthusiastic continuation of USA Patriot Act.

We do understand the continued expansion of spying and the continued limitation of civil liberties.
We do understand an administration that pursues whistle blowers but fails to investigate War Crimes that are revealed.
We understand that the mortgage crisis was not solved when only bankers were PROTECTED. We the people  the mortgage holders have been thrown to the foreclosure wolves.

We have noticed that when we offer our (PROGRESSIVE) opinions it is no more welcome, when we weigh in on the OBAMA AGENDA, than when we weighed in on the BUSH agenda.

What we PROGRESSIVES, amateur, and professionals alike, did hope for, was an attentive and interested ear, from an administration prepared to hear what their supporters had to say. We didn't expect attacks, we didn't expect school yard vulgarisms and insulting insinuations, that we are so politically unsophisticated that we would accept n
nothing short of "Canadian Healthcare" and Dennis Kucinich as president... as if that would be bad.

But I as a practicing thinking progressive have to question "our" administration when they use inflammatory language  like "we wouldn't be happy until the pentagon is closed". Trying to suggest that differing with the administration is akin to wishing to disarm our country? ...

That's the sort of attack  I expect from a Limbaugh or a Beck not from the Administration that I worked hard to elect. So while this administration has it's hearing tuned so closely to the RIGHTWING NOISE MACHINE that they FIRED AN AGRICULTURE Administration Employee without even giving her a chance to REPLY???? How can I be surprised?

So since I'm a progressive that disagrees with the Obama agenda that makes me in Gibbs eye.... an enemy of the STATE

I disagree with Bankers give-aways, Secret Trials, Spying on the Internet - I'm not.... an enemy of this Administration  Yet??? although ...We shall see???

Gibby - disagreeing with the administration is not the same as wishing the Pentagon was closed although regarding  Kucinich for President... you may be on to something there!
solidarity & peace

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