Sunday, August 08, 2010

What should I ask the Gubanatorial Candidates - said the Editor

Mr. Reisman, Editor and Panelist
[back story -  the local conservative newspaper ask several regular editorial contributors to give him some question as he prepared to question the candidates for Governor of Florida ]

Here are a few suggestions, please consider them carefully as they raise significant questions for candidates and Floridians as well.

1. What specific policies would you enact immediately to insure that Florida's marine habitat will not be poisoned further from BP's cavalier and ecologically devastating approach to drilling in the Gulf.

2. Will you insist that Florida fund long term research by State wildlife toxicologists to scientifically establish the persistent impact of the tragic BP Oil release and the unprecedented release of millions of gallons of COREXIT.

3. Beyond, the typical tax relief manta so typical of boilerplate republican economic theory how will your election improve the number of jobs available to Floridians?

4. Since long years of republican governors and republican legislatures have shown that lowering taxes has not protected Floridians from reduced services and wide-spread unemployment, will you try some new tactic or are you offering more of the same as a "solution" to a critical situation.

5. Do you support a CCC [Depression era Civilian Conservation Corps] type employment program for Floridians.

6. Is firing teachers, and closing libraries, pools and parks, a real solution to Florida's economic woes?

7. Will you preside over a Florida with fewer teachers, libraries, police men and women as well as fewer fire fighters, and will that solve Florida's budget woes.

8. Name your reasons for not investing immediately in renewable energy?
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