Friday, December 17, 2010

Sticking it, to the base!

From f'ing retards, to politically unsophisticated, to unrealistic pollyanna-ish... to "what are they smoking" and  "they need to be drug tested". You're right in line with the President "I never offered anything more that lispservice to the liberals" Obama.

Your absolutely right, he should be referred to as Mr. President SELLOUT, or Mr President "Wall $treet", or Mr President.. "oops that's off the Table too" Obama.

I'd bet you were among the first one defending the NON-EXISTENT HONOR of Mr. President [twern't torture if I could find an attorney who'd agree] Bush. I bet you were even among those who found time to chastise Katrina victims, who might have cursed the former President  "hell its a chocolate city anyway" Bush. [Without using his correct and munificent  title]

If you think its a completely acceptable compromise that he covers bankster$ on both $ide$ of the mortgage RIPOFF$ and only provides a completely fake paste-board program for those who're stuck upside down on their mortgage and out of work - That's your perogative.

And if you think keeping whistle blower Bradley Manning drugged and incommunicado in solitary is a good policy to protect whistle-blowers and promote government openness, That's just peachy. You are entitled to your perspective.

And if you think arresting Peace Organizers on the eve of a republican convention and detaining credentialed journalists and then later undertaking Grand Jury investigations of these peace-niks you're entitled to your opinion.

If you think that upping the ante' from a President under whose CRAFTY SECRET ORDERS any American could  be kidnapped and held indefinitely in secret detention, beyond the law and beyond the Red Cross or Crescent to an improved (Under Mr. President "what's Habeas Corpus "BUSH) to The New and Improved guidelines that say... This President "We don't need no International Law - I already got my Nobel" can order any American not just held indefinitely, but KILLED permanently. If you like that direction - Well Mr. President Obama's Justice Department has more of that to offer.

So all I ask, is if you are going to LOVE THIS slide into lawless Feudalism, PLEASE if you are going to say We are losing touch with REALITY. PLEASE Call us Mr. and Ms Citizen Progressives at least. Because the reality we are out of touch with is the one that Mr. Orwell, wrote about so colorfully.

The one, where PEACE IS WAR, UNSAFE FOOD in the GULF is SAFE! Where Wall $treet'$ bonuses are paved with Taxpayer Gold, but... there is no money for jobs, or schools, or infrastructure investment.

Nothing worse ...than an impolite or rude torture victim. Please pass the rendition please. Julian, is waiting for his ride to an undisclosed location. SMILE you're on SECRET CAMERA!
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