Saturday, July 17, 2010

Answering the Democratic Party Survey - by Rick Spisak

Since the Health Care reform was sold out many progressive placed support for Obama off the table.

Since the Obama administration turned its back on mortgage holder
and bailed out the bankers, many more progressives lost hope in the Obama administration.

When the Obama administration prosecuted whistle-blowers
and not the Bush Administration war criminals many more progressive lost much more faith in the Obama administration.

When the Obama administration continued the abuses of the Patriot Act a few of the last remaining progressives dropped their Obama administration support.

When the Obama Administration extended the abortion ban
to the health care insurance public policy all but the last holdouts gave up.

Where was the defender of Health Care for all?
Not at home in the White House?
Where was the protector of working people and mortgage holders. Was he out?
Where was the protector of Justice? too busy on the golf course with Goldman Sachs.
Where was the constitutional law professor who opposed the excesses of the Patriot Act, Abu Gharib and the Black sites?  Was he taking the waters at some gucci spa?
Where was the human rights activists when they rolled the christian rights antichoice agenda into the federal regs? Was he at prayer?

Unless the republicans run Palin or some other Neanderthals from the Ir-religious Right there will be no support for an administration that talked LEFT and GOVERNED RIGHT.

Q. What do the Democrats stand for?
Anything the lobbyists want!

Q. Why are you a democrat?
It's getting harder and harder to say

Once the democrats stood for working people
Once they heard other voices than the lobbyists.

If the president supported some progressive values we would be with him
but as long as he panders to the right - all he'll have is the lobbyists.

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
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