Friday, July 23, 2010

Give em Credt

   You don't give our fellow Americans, the party of REAGAN (Ketchup is a Vegetable) enough credit for their vision for America. TAX CUTS, for the richest among us, and greater tax burdens for those of us who (still) work to earn a living.

Tax Cuts for the RICH, Shipping Jobs Overseas, those (Patriotic Policies) and Deregulation have brought us the excellent state of America that we enjoy today. It seems to me, that if the REPUBLICAN policies of De-Regulation and Tax Cuts for the Rich were so good for us, we must be ready for more of that.

Wait, we are currently enjoying the benefit of DEREGULATION in the Gulf of Mexico. COOL - And getting the Government off the back of the Oil Companies that's great. Let's have more of that. I bet Louisiana wants more deregulation, don't you think?

Since the Wall Street Regulators backed off any oversight of the shenanigans of the people who created "products so complicated" that allowed them to spin massive bonuses from the Equity you used to have in your home - All I can say is SET THE MARKET FREE!

Maybe we should apologize to all those banker who stole from us, and then we bailed them out - please accept our apologies and another bundle of cash. And in your spare time JACK UP our credit card rates, PLEASE!

Since the massive Bush era TAX CUTS for the rich, allowed them to invest in new factories and jobs... oops overseas - oh, that one didn't work out any better.

So when the repos and the tea folks tell you they want government so small it can be drowned in a tub. That's the government that protects you from poisoned medicine, wild-eyed bankers, and funds the teachers and libraries, and the CDC and the FDA and the roads and bridges that we use.

And before you let someone bad mouth big government, remember - we the people are the government. Unless you don't vote. Then you can sit this one out!

Original Letters in Stuart News
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