Friday, July 30, 2010

RE WikiLeaks - We can't let them have it both ways

They can't say, no news here, move along, move along, and simultaneously: they're going to bring the whole wrath of the security state down on that brave soldier who dared to do his duty and show the video of the Emperor, the Mass Murderer, the Hegemonic Schemer, the Wall State Enabler, bloody new clothes.

We should not obey illegal orders, at the Nuremberg trials "WE" said, obeying orders is not a defense.

Murdering civilians, is not war, shooting up children, is not war. Torture, electrodes, hanging people by their thumbs and elbows, water boarding this is not war. This is the stuff of war crimes. This is what the bad guys do, this is not what the leaders of the FREE WORLD the DEFENDERS of the FUTURE do!

War by propaganda, purchasing time to spread lies in Afghanistan and America. That is not warfare. Threatening and killing journalists is not war. America needs to know about the combat conditions, the war crimes, exactly what kind of missions our soldiers are being ordered to undertake. The new top general, Marine General Mattis - "
So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them."

America doesn't know and doesn't care. The leaks are important. These leaks are the tip of the WAR-CRIME Iceberg. Building tomorrow's jihadi's today.

These wars must stop. They are not helping Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan the world, the peace, the future - We are protecting nothing, we are making nothing safe. We are building a more dangerous world.
                 "It's fun to shoot some people..." Lt. General James Mattis

                                                   solidarity & peace

                                                        RW Spisak
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