Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reject the Mukasey Nomination for AG

While I agree that America's Justice Department has been damaged, even dismantled under the leadership of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. From the politicization of appointed offices, the casual use of inexperienced political operatives to restructure the department for political prosecutions, to the stonewalling and contrived amnesia of disgraced "Judge" Gonzalez as Attorney General.

America does need fresh leadership that understands that the President is not above the law, that signing statements do not supersede the laws passed by the legislative branch and that International Laws preclude the use of the tools of the Inquisition to protect this nations stature as leader of the free world.

There is no briefing that can change the impact and reality of torture, from water boarding to the whole panoply of heinous bloodstained techniques of Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition.

If Judge Mukasey doesn't understand that the tools of the Spanish Inquisition and the Bush Administration are an affront to the civilized world. There is no briefing that can explain it to him.

No Justice Department would be better lead, by a man with such a blind spot. Mouthing platitudes, about the President not being above the law, in the Bushian Age of "Signing Statements" that allow, what the law explicitly forbids, is unworthy of the Nation founded by Jefferson, Mason, and the great military leader George Washington.

Who if you recall, insisted on humane treatment for captured Hessian Mercenaries, before this country had a history. He knew how the army of a civilized nation behaved.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
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