Thursday, November 15, 2007

Florida Dems - This is the PLAN?

Florida Democrats: RE Suing the National Democratic Party????

While I can see the advantage to National and State Republicans that Florida Democrats and National Democrats are suing each other and contending over disputes instead of organizing and energizing.

Since it is impossible to image that both Florida and National Democratic Goals are furthered by this FOOLHARDY action initiated because the FLORIDA REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE moved the primary.

I would like an update - while MONEY, TIME, and RESOURCES are being expended on this (SOLUTION???)

Are there are cooler heads or any grown ups in the sandbox who might find a better solution then spending money and lawyer-time preparing for the national and state-wide elections.

TWO idiotic reactions to the Legislatures action in redoing the dates, will not produce an intelligent design. I am a life long democrat, and I want to hear that Florida Democratic Leadership has a better plan than SUING the National Party?

What is the status of the resolution? Is there arbitration underway? Are Florida Democrats actually wasting time and money, in court, instead of preparing our resources for the election?

I want to know, what the grownups have in mind? Because IF the Best Plan, Sen. Nelson, Rep. Klein, and Ms. Thurman have in mind is a lawsuit? Then we desperately need Better Leadership.

RW Spisak
Life Long Progressive democrat
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