Friday, November 30, 2007

RE The Republican Debate in St. Pete

Great to know that at least Sen. McCain understands the fact that water-boarding is IN FACT TORTURE. Something that Mitt can't or won't come to terms with.

And for those, lawyers, who are not gifted with simple humanity. It is also illegal and would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

And for those whom neither the moral or legal arguments work, then may you rest comfortably among the Republican Party Troglodytes, who also seem to have trouble with SCIENCE. Unless it's understood, through delicate tint of republic sensibilities.

Since at the last REPUBLIC SPITTING MATCH, where they all disavowed evolution, with the same enthusiastic vehemence, that they embraced the LITERAL TRUTH of a particular version of a re-translated, translation of a translation, written several hundred years after the fact. (WINK-WINK)

Angels, devils, the sun stopping in the sky, swallowed by big fish, raising the dead, walking on water, no they have no problem with that. It's Evolution and the fossil record they can't quite embrace.

Watching in absolute amazement, as the countries leadership, embraces the values that made the Spanish Inquisition so memorable. I must ask, can witch dunking be far behind? If the Supreme Court wasn't so useful electing republicans I'm sure it would have been abandoned in favor of Ronnie Reagan's Astrologer and the public reading of entrails.

RW Spisak
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